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Additional miscellaneous protocols

Measuring blood pressure

  • Turn the blood pressure machine on. Blood pressure machine
  • Carefully place the arm band on the patient's right arm.
  • Make sure the tubes are placed correctly (see below). Blood pressure arm band
  • Check that the adult preset is loaded (if not, load it).

    Load a new preset
    • Press CONFIG MONITEUR to open the options.
    • Scroll using the wheel and select by pressing it.
    • Enter to PATIENT, and select ADULTE.
    • Exit by pressing the wheel on RETOUR.

    Blood pressure preset

    • Measure the blood pressure by pressing the DEBUT ARRET button. Blood pressure interface

ECG electrodes placement

Ask the participant if they have atopic skin or other skin problems

If the participant reports having skin issues, be careful with the following process and do not unnecessarily irritate their skin (e.g., skip the alcohol cleaning and perhaps the abrasion with the preparation gel)

  • Open the sterile cotton gauze pads package, take one and soak it with alcohol.
  • Clean the skin around the three areas with the alcohol-soaked pad with circular movements.
  • Get a second cotton gauze pad and put some Nuprep preparation gel and gently abrade the skin by rubbing it onto the skin with four or five circular movements.
  • Remove gel excess with a clean cotton gauze.
  • Remove the protective film from the electrode.
  • Stick the electrode on the participant's skin by starting in one side and ironing the rest of the electrode. This procedure ensures that no air is trapped between the electrode and your skin and that no wrinkles from at the edges. Repeat for the three electrodes. prep-ecg-electrodes